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Owner & Creative Director



Bohemian, free-spirited, and Kansas City raised, Renny, hangs a horseshoe over her door for good luck and keeps her pantry stocked with 10 different BBQ sauces, she’s always up for a party and usually doesn’t follow the rules, believes dreams are attained through hard work and gumption, totes her yoga mat wherever she goes, loves glamour mixed with rustic and ethnic accents, is intrigued by emerging trends and artists, obsesses over fabrics, ribbons, textiles and texture, has always been wildly attracted to anyone with a creative gift, kicks back with a citrus and savory cocktail and enjoys the art of mixology, gets down to old-school rap and anything funky, admits to a serious addiction to fabulous shoes and chunky necklaces, and prides herself with always having a plan B, C and D.


andie cuttiford

Director of Parties and Events



A self-proclaimed coffee snob, party planner by day and avid sports fan by night, Andie is the definition of calm, cool and collected, lives by the words “Eat Well, Travel Often,” has called France, Italy, Ireland and Laos home and loves to bring her cultural experiences to her work, declares that her last meal would consist a glass of Oregon Pinot Noir and her dad’s famous Cheeseburger and French fries, admits that event planning is an outlet for her need to be obsessively organized and in control, thrives on the energy of event day and watching all the pieces fall in to place, believes that the best way to start a day is with a great workout, and confesses that her dream event would be to plan a wedding in Paris, her favorite city.

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laura schweir

Lead Party Planner and Designer



Hailing from small town Indiana, Laura quickly fell head over (very cute) heels for Chicago. Known for her sunny disposition, she brings a cheerful attitude to any situation, embraces every opportunity to throw a shindig (“The Bachelor” finale included), describes herself as a perfectionist with a sense of humor, believes a long run (or a pedicure) are the best stress relievers, admits to being a kids’ party aficionado from her preschool teacher days, surrounds herself with stacks of magazines to keep up with wedding, fashion and interior design trends, declares champagne, a good laugh with girlfriends, and a vase full of flowers are the best mood boosters, and confesses she doesn’t have a favorite color but rather a serious love affair with certain color combinations (navy and white is always right!).


brittany stolzenberg

Party Planner



A Florida girl that has fallen in love with the Midwest.  Brittany is an optimist that loves to plan.  Still unable to find a good glass of sweet tea in the big city, but can tell you where the closest doughnut shop is from any location.  From Weddings to Non-Profit Fundraisers to Vacations she always nails down details for every last second.  A  fan of all things pretty, but a soft spot for anything blue and white.  Always striving to add a personal touch of fancy to everyday life with florals and tapered candles  Family and tradition will always hold a sweet spot in planning any occasion.


molly wolf

Party Planner



Starting her career in a magical land run by a mouse, Molly found her love for hospitality and events early on working at Disney World, has since swept her home city of Chicago planning hundreds of weddings and corporate soirees in swanky hotels to private clubs, strives for the perfect balance of gym sessions and spoonfuls of her favorite ice cream (cookie dough, duh), delights in any free moments playing outside with her four daughters, has interests as varied as country music concerts, scuba diving, Netflix documentaries and Broadway musicals, excels in organization, telling it straight and detail oriented, while also adding doses of Pinterest to tantalize her imagination and creativity.



beth elsen

Party Planner



Chicago born and bred, dance machine, and deep dish pizza (is there any other kind?) enthusiast. Accustomed to creative problem solving and thinking on her feet by virtue of a career in elementary education--takes a lot to rattle this organizational ninja with a passion for bold color and all things sparkle and shine. She has a razor sharp eye for detail and a penchant for those unexpected elements that will set your party apart. But perhaps most importantly--she believes in an open and honest line of communication--because the best events are always a result of spirited collaboration! Most attracted to the modern and sophisticated (but always with a healthy dose of fun) she is eager to help you execute the event of your dreams and the envy of your Instagram followers.


jordyn vignolo

Party Planner



Quickly fell in love with all details in the event world. From Louisville KY, home to the Kentucky Derby, Chicago has brought light to her life.  She's at home in a high energy city scene. Has executed all types of parties from weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs to unicorn birthday parties She pay attention to every detail and want to make sure it is an event her clients will never forget.  Always the host would throw a get together everyday if she could.  Obsessed with anything that has to do with floral, paper (love a good invitation!) and linen. Pinot Grigio and Cookies (chocolate chip to be exact) are a must have. Believes everything in life should be dreamy and fabulous. Her happiest days consist of walking along the lake, stepping into a floral shop or garden and flipping through any wedding magazine.


elise bonamasso

Party Planner



As a child, Elise and her sister would write, direct, produce, decorate and star in their own plays in the basement.  Any unsuspecting child who entered, might be subject to "the play" or some other project. Elise is always creative at heart and has the innate ability to bring projects and people together in a unique and memorable way.  She listens and makes peoples dreams come true.  She has been planning events ever since she perfectly planned her own wedding.  She has planned and executed many successful events over the last several years.  She is able to explore her love for creativity in each and every event and adding her own unique touches when possible.  She has a successful lifestyle blog to help document her creativity at work and in her own personal life.  Her creative imagination and contagious enthusiasm are a great asset to all events she works on.